Q.  Other than sailboats, what is the Superwind 350 used for?

  •  The Superwind 350 was designed to be a commercial-grade micro wind generator that has the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions for many years. Its applications are numerous, and it has been successfully utilized by governments, militaries, disaster preparedness & response agencies, aquaculture, and agriculture industries throughout the world.

Q.  Is my boat large enough for a Superwind 350?

  •  It is recommended that a Superwind 350 be mounted on a boat 30’ or larger. Installing a wind turbine on vessels smaller than 30' can be hazardous, often because of confined working areas combined with the dangers of rigging, etc. hitting the blades during operation.

Q.  How large should my battery bank be?

  •  Battery capacity specifications are unique to each individual situation, and therefore cannot be easily determined by Superwind without more details.  However, even the smallest battery banks that work efficiently with our turbines typically consist of a minimum of 400Ah (3-4 large batteries).

Q.  Can I hook up to my hot water tank and avoid overcharging?

  •  The internal electrical components in hot water tanks will not withstand overcharging, and will fail. This will, in turn, shed power to your batteries, which can be very dangerous. Your water tank was not designed as a diversion load, but our commercial resistor is.

Q.  Can the Superwind be left ON while unattended (when I am not on my boat)?

  •  The Superwind 350 kit (in 12V or 24V) was designed for safe autonomous operation 24/7 when installed properly with the SRC marine charge controller and diversion load resistor (included in the kit). The Superwind 350 is a commercial turbine designed for off-grid use in remote areas. When installed properly, it is maintenance-free and can be left unattended. While you can always use the safety-stop switch to temporarily shut down the unit, it is not required.

Q.  Is my wind turbine charging my batteries if the green light isn't on?

  •  Yes. The green LED light on the SCR Marine charge controller will only illuminate when 1. the ships batteries are 100% and, 2. the charge regulator is dumping power (from normal turbine operations and/or any other over charging source).

Q.  Do I need to tie down the Superwind in high winds or storms?

  •  No. Tying down a Superwind 350 blade or vane can actually damage the unit. You can, however, choose to utilize the safety-stop switch to enable the dynamic (magnetic) brake. The Superwind 350 is designed to operate in wind conditions nearing hurricane force speeds. In most circumstances, the unit can be left on without endangering the turbine or the batteries.

Q.   Can I mount a wind turbine on top my house?

  •  The Superwind 350 is not suitable for any residential or grid-tied applications. This unit was designed to charge batteries in off-grid environments only. In situations where sufficient wind exists - such as farms, cabins, structures on cliff edges, bluffs, or near the ocean – the Superwind 350 can be an asset. Unless architecturally engineered to be part of the structure, no wind turbine should be mounted to the roof of a house or any other building.